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Welcome, I’m Özlem. My broad business background and diverse experiences have culminated in a hybrid of talents and capabilities. The one constant is my love of helping people – particularly supporting women in the pursuit of purposeful work and living true to themselves.

I began my career in the world of Corporate Accounting and Global Project Management, which included secondments to the UK, India and Dubai. Whilst my career initially focused on the financial business levers, I realised over time that the toughest problems, and the game-changing improvements almost always involved shifting how people and teams worked. Thus my focus changed to the field of human behaviour.

Over the past 6 years I have worked with a number of specialist consultancies in career development, leadership development, strategy, organisational culture as well as diversity, inclusion and gender equality work.

Throughout my career I’ve held roles that covered back-office functions such as Accounting, Marketing and Social Media, Instructional Design and Program Development, People Experience Design and Project Management, as well as front-office functions such as Consulting, Coaching, Advisory, and Strategy for clients.

I thrive on leveraging my business acumen combined with an intuitive and carefully honed skill-set in human behavioural change – analytics plus soft skills – to make a difference in the world.

I’m a lover of beauty and excellence and am highly service orientated and customer centric. It’s all about making people feel special and going above their expectations. Milton Glaser once said “There are three responses to any piece of work: yes, no, and wow. Wow is the one to aim for.”  I could not agree more.

I also have a creative streak which comes in handy when coming up with ideas – all of which is driven from my desire to connect with people and to be of service.

I’m a self-directed learner and am most fulfilled when I share what I have learnt with others – I love helping people and making life easier for others. I have recently completed self-directed learning in Design Thinking principles and though it’s a buzz word these days, it’s always been obvious to me that a human-centered approach is the only way to serve…. humans.

For me, business is all about Connection and Empathy – knowing who you are here to serve, understanding their needs, connecting with them and serving them. Connection and Empathy are in my top 5 Gallup Strengths (Positivity, Developer and Intellection make up the rest).

When it comes to my values, an appreciation of beauty and excellence tops my list. To see the impact this has on my work, please visit my Portfolio.

I hold a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and began my career as a CPA. I am an IECL accredited coach and have completed my Certificate IV in Training, Assessment and Facilitation (UTS).

I am passionate about the fusion of commerce and philanthropy through socially-conscious businesses. I am honoured to be an Advisory Board member for Transition Hub – helping people prepare for the future of work.

I work at the intersection of Purpose, Design and Creative Strategy to support female founders in their business. Creative Strategy is a partnership between creativity and delivery, dreaming and doing, philosophy and reality – that grey area between the underlying business strategy and creative concept. It’s where true affinity happens between emotional and functional needs.

My mind subconsciously analyses all the data, information, facts, assumptions, insights, sensory cues, etc that I receive from clients —and I recognise patterns. This then fuels that “a ha” moment, when an idea is conceived and my mind begins to translate those patterns into actionable ideas and beautiful, functional and engaging work that delights and delivers results.

My body of work is in service of female founders who are ready to usher in a period of transformation and be purpose-led – seeking to pivot their business, their career, their life in alignment with their purpose. I work exclusively with women in private 1-1 sessions – it’s a purposefully designed high-touch, high-end transformational experience and trusted partnership.

When women come to see me they are typically ready for a new chapter in their business or career. Foremost, my work helps women to connect their heart and mind. Connecting the heart and mind, is connecting to purpose. When we’re connected to our purpose, we feel in alignment, we feel ‘true’ to ourselves – this frees up a lot of energy to think clearer, be creative and move forward in flow.

From there, my job is to merge emotion with logic to create strategies and design a path forward that is purpose-led, human-centric and grounded in the practicalities of work and life. Helping to translate a ‘big picture’ purpose into a reality. In so doing, ultimately my work helps women to integrate their heart, head and hands – transforming not only their work but also their lives.

When we’re purpose-led and leading from within our body-of-work becomes a natural extension of ourselves – it’s authentic – and we build the unique body-of-work we are wired to build and serve the people we are meant to serve.

My work with women often extends to curating presentations / pitch-decks that help them share their work and communicate it as a commercially viable offering, presented in a visually beautiful and impactful way. Presentations / pitch decks done well, not only tell the story about a business or venture, it also connects the audience to the bigger purpose – it moves them.

Connect with me on Linkedin or feel free to contact me directly for a no obligation chat – I’d love to hear from you.

Email: ozlem@beldancollective.com

Phone: + 61 (0)401 981 202

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The Alchemy Program and Pitch Deck experience is unlike anything I have ever done before. Özlem has this unique talent for combining intuitive wisdom, modern intellect and compassion to truly see people's life purpose. The process guides you to clarity around what you are here to do, and then its shifts to the commercialisation of your lifes work. Although the process is deep, it is far from fluffy. Working with Özlem is profound. The outcome is clarity, confidence and a commercial path ahead. I am beyond grateful and would recommend this process to anyone trying to identify "what's next?" or "what am I on this earth to achieve". Thank you Özlem!

Female Founder, Coaching Business

Your pitch decks are incredible. Honestly, they are breathtaking. You are so incredibly talented. Your ability to observe, gain insights, bring it all together and then present it as a commercially viable offering in a visually beautiful way is extraordinary! It is a document that I can't wait to show off! I am so grateful for how you make me and my business look!

Female Founder, Leadership Development Business

The time I've spent with Özlem has been invaluable in getting clear and focussed on my personal and professional goals. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, warm and practical. These qualities have been pivotal in opening and informing a path for me that aligns my strengths with my spirit. It is impossible to put in words the effect of Özlem's coaching on your whole life until you have experienced it. If you are ready to find a new path, move aside the roadblocks and think of your life in a new light, I wholly recommend taking the journey with Özlem and seeing where it takes you.

Sandra Wang: Founder, Art of Flow

I loved our sessions. I loved that it was a focused discussion that enlightened me a bit more each time. I loved that I could look forward to something that was for me. Özlem, you are an amazing listener and very intuitive. I noticed that you would take in what I was saying and hear something that would spark some interesting conversations and new directions of thinking for me. I always came away feeling energised and excited.

Female Founder, Wellbeing Business

Özlem posed the right questions that empowered me to reflect, reconsider and reconnect with my own ‘why?’ I was motivated to make genuine, practical steps to return to my ‘thriving zone’. Özlem has ignited a spirit in me that was gradually fading from the pressures of motherhood & working life. Now I feel enthused and excited about the positive changes I am making. I have a clarity of thought that has been absent for years. I’ve been galvanised into action! As for needing a coach? I couldn’t imagine my life without this amazing, cleansing, liberating experience. It’s truly life-changing stuff!”

Martine Cotter: Founder, MC Consultancy

The way we are working together is so right for me…..Specifically, you obviously bring the marketing expertise I need so much. And more importantly, you bring a warmth of heart and caring that is both supportive and encouraging to me. And frankly, hugely inspiring, in the gracious and generous way you deliver the services you provide.

Female Founder, Coaching Business

Wow, is all I can say right now. You have done a magnificent job and I am so thankful for your approach, your commitment and your incredible ability to bring it all together. Suddenly, it looks how it needs to feel. What a massive difference you have made.

Louise Watts: Founder, Transition Hub

Özlem redesigned our customer purchase experience which included packaging and inserts. Our customers love it and we regularly receive lots of social media unpacking experience exposure as a result! She is very creative and smart! Özlem also created our Write Your Own Story journal and added lots of lovely touches to our Make It Happen Planner that inspire the user. I can’t wait to produce more beautiful products with her.

Kasia Gospoš: Founder, Leaders In Heels