Experience the complete 'Leading from Within' process when you're ready to create your next chapter

Alchemy Program

Alchemy is the Art of Transformation...

An exclusive 3 month intensive program for women who are ready to design + launch their next chapter

This program will infuse Purpose, Design and Creative Strategy to help you design the next chapter of your business and work – you will experience the complete ‘Leading from Within’ process to Connect, Clarify, Create and Communicate. 

Is this you?

You’re a highly successful woman and you have reached a point in your business or working life where you are ready to move into your next chapter and you’re wondering “what’s next?” … “where do I go from here?”

You’ve reached a point in your business or working life where you would like to do work that is meaningful and aligned to your purpose.

You want to use your ‘gifts’ to build the unique body-of-work that you are wired to build and serve the people you are meant to serve.

You want to communicate your services as a commercially viable offering – and present this in a visually beautiful way..

You have been in business for a while and may be feeling that your offerings are quite broad and you are finding it hard to focus in on a niche area of expertise, which makes it difficult for you to position yourself as the go to person. Whilst having a broad niche can possibly bring you more opportunities, you are finding that being a highly capable ‘generalist’ is an ‘expensive’ way to service your target market – taking up too much of your time, energy, and attention.

You are ready to purposefully plan the next chapter of your business and pivot now before it’s get stuck in a business or working life that is just not true for you.

You need a framework to help you stay true to your unique path and area of mastery – so that you don’t compromise on it and that you don’t just follow any opportunity when it presents itself. You want to stay in your lane. You want to stay true to your purpose.

“Right now you have a choice: Craft a life of meaning, connection, and impact, or keep drifting along, carried by the demands of others.”

Why this is important

It’s easy to feel disconnected from your sense of purpose when you’ve been so busy ‘doing’, you haven’t had a chance to reflect on what’s important to you, or explore your ‘gifts’, or what you really want to do. As a result you can end up in a life that isn’t sustainable, and isn’t fulfilling. if you don’t pause and pivot now, you can end up stuck in a life that isn’t true to you.

In our work together I will gather insights on what matters to you and help you draw the dots – the connection to your purpose is there in the details, it’s my job to extract it and reflect it back to you. I analyse all the data, information, facts, assumptions, insights, sensory cues, etc that I receive from you — I recognise patterns (connection is one of my top strengths) – and then translate those patterns into actionable ideas for you and beautiful, functional and engaging work that delights and delivers results.

When you’re purpose-led and leading from within, your body-of-work becomes a natural extension of you – it’s authentic – and that’s how you build the unique body-of-work you are wired to build and serve the people you are meant to serve.

By the end of our work together, you will walk away with a visually beautiful pitch deck presentation that will bring everything together and communicate your work as a commercially viable offering. You’ll be able to share this with others to bring awareness and value to what you have to offer – and it will help shape your conversations as you move forward into new opportunities.

The process

My approach involves working closely with you across these 4 elements:


Connect to your purpose. This is not so much about finding it but rather aligning with it. It's already there within you. Clarify your life's work. Align your business with your 'gifts' to bring more flow, abundance and clarity in your work. Clarity is a game-changer - it will help you build the unique body-of-work you are wired to build. Connect with your true self. Align to your Purpose. Unlock your ‘gifts’ . Lead from within. Define your unique value proposition. This element will make your next chapter purposeful and authentic to you.


Clarify who you are in service of - who are the people you are meant to serve and how you will reach them? This element will make your work feel much more meaningful.


Create offerings to be in service of the people you are meant to serve. Identify the problems you are here to solve. Design and structure your authentic offerings. Build your framework of services to deliver value. This element will help you to make a difference to others.


At the end of our work together, you'll receive your very own pitch deck / communication presentation for your business - this will be highly researched and beautifully presented. You'll be able to use the deck to showcase your offerings to potential clients, for brochures, for your website etc. Communicate your gifts and unique body of work as a commercially viable offering. Present to prospective clients in a compelling and visually beautiful pitch-deck / presentation. This element will help you stand out from the crowd and make your mark.

The Alchemy Program and Pitch Deck experience is unlike anything I have ever done before. Özlem has this unique talent for combining intuitive wisdom, modern intellect and compassion to truly see people's life purpose. The process guides you to clarity around what you are here to do, and then its shifts to the commercialisation of your lifes work. Although the process is deep, it is far from fluffy. Working with Özlem is profound. The outcome is clarity, confidence and a commercial path ahead. I am beyond grateful and would recommend this process to anyone trying to identify "what's next?" or "what am I on this earth to achieve". Thank you Özlem!

Female Founder, Coaching Business

Your pitch decks are incredible. Honestly, they are breathtaking. You are so incredibly talented. Your ability to observe, gain insights, bring it all together and then present it as a commercially viable offering in a visually beautiful way is extraordinary! It is a document that I can't wait to show off! I am so grateful for how you make me and my business look!

Female Founder, Leadership Development Business

The Alchemy Program is personalised and tailored to meet you in your unique situation. Sessions will be nuanced to make it relevant to you and your business / industry.

How it works

Half-day intensive sessions are typically held fortnightly and are an in-person experience (in Sydney, Australia).

Prior to each half-day intensive session, you’ll receive comprehensive pre-thinking / pre-work.

After each half-day intensive session, I will compile all the findings into a Lookbook – capturing your insights so that you can stay in reflective mode.

I will then spend time to create and construct your personalised pitch deck / presentation. To do this, I will research statistics and case studies to add credibility and compose a compelling message for your body of work. I’ll design the layout and source relevant images and create diagrams where needed.

We’ll then have a 2 hour session where I will present your draft pitch deck / presentation and put together a 90-day action plan for you.  You’ll then have time to take it away to review and reflect upon your pitch deck / presentation and submit up to 2 sets of revisions / changes.

Once finalised, you’ll receive a printed version of your pitch deck / presentation in a beautifully arranged presentation folder + also a soft copy that’s yours to keep.

We will meet again for a 90 minute follow up session to support you in executing your action plan, and for accountability.

Your Alchemy Program Includes:

  • 3 x half-day intensives (with pre + post work)
    • Ist Intensive will focus on how to CONNECT + align to your Purpose
    • 2nd Intensive will focus on how to CLARIFY + identify the people you are meant to serve
    • 3rd Intensive will focus on how to CREATE + develop offerings to serve the people you are meant to serve
  • Comprehensive pre-thinking / pre-work will be created prior to each half-day intensive
  • Documented Lookbook‘s will be produced following each half-day intensive – documenting your insights, for you to stay in reflective mode
  • 1 x 2 hour action planning and draft pitch deck presentation session (with up to 2 revisions)
  • Tailored resources – to help you construct your personal MBA
  • Support in between sessions for 3 months
  • Your Finalised Personalised Pitch Deck / Presentation delivered in both printed and soft copy format
    • This represents the 4th element of the program, and will focus on how to COMMUNICATE + present your commercially viable offering in a visually beautiful way
  • 1 x 90 minute follow-up session to help you execute on your action plan

The time I've spent with Özlem has been invaluable in getting clear and focussed on my personal and professional goals. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, warm and practical. These qualities have been pivotal in opening and informing a path for me that aligns my strengths with my spirit. It is impossible to put in words the effect of Özlem's coaching on your whole life until you have experienced it. If you are ready to find a new path, move aside the roadblocks and think of your life in a new light, I wholly recommend taking the journey with Özlem and seeing where it takes you.

Sandra Wang: Founder, Art of Flow

I loved our sessions. I loved that it was a focused discussion that enlightened me a bit more each time. I loved that I could look forward to something that was for me. Özlem, you are an amazing listener and very intuitive. I noticed that you would take in what I was saying and hear something that would spark some interesting conversations and new directions of thinking for me. I always came away feeling energised and excited.

Female Founder, Wellbeing Business

Ready to get started?

Due to the highly personalised and tailored approach, there are limited spots available per quarter. To apply please ‘Get In Touch’ to set up a Discovery Session.