When you need a complete done-for-you service

Pitch Decks + Presentations

Communicate + present your commercially viable offering in a visually beautiful way ...

Communicate. Inspire. Impact.

When you need a complete done-for-you service to ‘Communicate’, a pitch-deck or presentation can help you achieve this and more. Presentations / pitch decks done well, not only tell the story about a business or venture, it also connects the audience to the bigger purpose behind the story – it moves them.

This is for you if you want a complete done-for-you service to…

  • Create a compelling case for your business
  • Share your offerings / services in a commercially viable way
  • Present your existing materials in a visually beautiful way
  • Give your brand a voice
  • Create a movement
  • Pitch your idea
  • Showcase your body of work
  • Curate a career portfolio
  • Share the message of your mission
  • Create an inspiring presentation
  • Tell the story of your business – why you do what you do
  • Communicate to inspire and move people and create a positive impact

This service includes: researching and curating meaningful content; designing and developing inspiring presentations and pitch decks; and helping you to make a positive impact by connecting people to the purpose behind your business, brand, idea, mission, movement or career.

Incorporating adult learning principles, design thinking, aesthetics and honed communication skills, this bespoke service can help you to powerfully communicate and make a positive impact for your clients and audience.

My approach involves the following three elements:

Intention + Purpose

My approach is based on design thinking principles and is highly human-centric. Clarity of intention and purpose not only ensures that the outcome of our work together meets the needs of your audience but that it also creates an outstanding experience for your audience.

Research + Curate

I curate your existing content to pull in key elements. I then infuse this with empirical evidence from well researched data points that will help to make a positive impact.

Design + Construct

Humanity + Beauty is infused throughout my work. Now more than ever, people value the 'experience' just as much (if not more than), the actual product at hand. Getting this right requires sensitivity, empathy and compassion - all of which top my strengths list. Design Thinking and Adult Learning Principles are among the various methodologies that are applied in my work. My work is designed to deliver impact in a purposeful and positive way.

The Alchemy Program and Pitch Deck experience is unlike anything I have ever done before. Özlem has this unique talent for combining intuitive wisdom, modern intellect and compassion to truly see people's life purpose. The process guides you to clarity around what you are here to do, and then its shifts to the commercialisation of your lifes work. Although the process is deep, it is far from fluffy. Working with Özlem is profound. The outcome is clarity, confidence and a commercial path ahead. I am beyond grateful and would recommend this process to anyone trying to identify "what's next?" or "what am I on this earth to achieve". Thank you Özlem!

Female Founder, Coaching Business

Your pitch decks are incredible. Honestly, they are breathtaking. You are so incredibly talented. Your ability to observe, gain insights, bring it all together and then present it as a commercially viable offering in a visually beautiful way is extraordinary! It is a document that I can't wait to show off! I am so grateful for how you make me and my business look!

Female Founder, Leadership Development Business

Pitch Decks + Presentations are tailored for your unique situation. You’ll receive well-researched stats and studies to add credibility to your message, a visually beautiful layout and design with a compelling message developed for you.

How it works

Sessions are held in person (in Sydney, Australia) or via Skype / Zoom
Prior to our session, you’ll receive a comprehensive pre-thinking questionnaire.
During our planning session, we’ll identify your key audience, the intention of the pitch deck / presentation, and curate your key content and messages.
After our session, I’ll conduct research, gather statistics and case studies to add credibility and compose a compelling story for your pitch deck / presentation. I’ll design the layout and develop your pitch deck / presentation – I’ll source relevant images and create diagrams where needed.
We’ll then spend 1 – 2 hours creating an action plan and reviewing your Draft pitch deck / presentation – you’ll have time to take it away, review and reflect upon it and submit up to 2 sets of revisions / changes.
Once finalised, you’ll receive a printed version of your pitch deck / presentation in a beautifully arranged presentation folder + also a soft copy that’s yours to keep, and ready to showcase to the world!

Your Pitch Deck / Presentation Includes:

  • Comprehensive pre-thinking / pre-work specific to your situation
  • 2 – 3 hour planning session
  • 1 – 2 hour implementation session to review your Draft Pitch Deck / Presentation (with up to 2 revisions) + create an action plan
  • Your Finalised Personalised Pitch Deck / Presentation delivered in both printed and soft copy format

Wow, is all I can say right now. You have done a magnificent job and I am so thankful for your approach, your commitment and your incredible ability to bring it all together. Suddenly, it looks how it needs to feel. What a massive difference you have made.

Louise Watts: Founder, Transition Hub

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